Paradise Found: The Best Beaches of the True North

When the days are long and hot and stretched out before you, you want a beach that’s just the same. No matter what your postal code is, you don’t have to travel far for a beach that can’t be beat.

LONG BEACH, Vancouver Island

Go long or go home! This is the longest sandy beach on Vancouver Island. Think 16 blissful kilometers of sand and pounding surf. You’ll find joggers, kayakers, sea lions and sun worshipers, and a sweet backdrop of rainforest and mountains that’s easy on the eyes.


On the shore of Lake Winnipeg, Grand Beach lives up to its name, thanks to 3km of superfine white sand and super fun sand dunes.

SINGING SANDS, Prince Edward Island

Possibly the coolest (and warmest) beach north of the Carolinas. What makes it so rad? Science!  The sand seems to sing, or squeak, when you walk on it. Such a gnarly natural phenomenon you have to hear to believe.

HAVE-AUBERT BEACH, Gulf of St. Lawrence

This little gem is hidden in the Magdalen Islands and is accessible only by plane or boat from Montreal or PEI. The payoff for going the extra distance? 300km of long sandy beaches, and your chance to kick some a** at the World’s Biggest Sand Castle Contest.


Thirty miles of bangin’ beaches, matched only by spectacular sunsets? Yes, please! “The Bend” is a happening scene with busy bars, fast food, mini golf and more, or a place to kick back with the fam jam. Truly the best of both worlds.


On the route between Skagway Alaska and Whitehorse YK is a unique stretch of white sand beach surrounded by panoramic snow-capped mountains. Sounds too good to be true. And if that’s not enough, close by you can visit the Carcross Desert, recognized as the ‘World’s Smallest Desert.’ Talk about a triple threat.


A real go-to to see and be seen, Wasaga—on the coast of Georgian Bay—is the world’s longest freshwater beach. Add that to 14 km of soft, sugary sand and it’s no wonder it draws athletes, sun-seekers, day-trippers and campers in droves.