How To Up Your Selfie Game

Here’s some inspo to make sure every summer selfie you take is on fleek.

Everybody say “Selfie!!” Responsible for shameless self-promotion, duckface—even breaking the internet—love it or hate it, the selfie is here to stay.

If you haven’t eaten it and edited it, hung out and hashtagged it or sipped it and shared it, did it ever even happen?? For proof that it did (and lotsa likes), we can help.

1) Have a selfie stick on stand-by

Not just for tacky tourists. Go on and cram as many people as you can into frame. Then again, you could just ask a random stranger to take a pic. Is that even still a thing?

2) Practice model behavior

Even though we know models wake up looking that way, we still all aspire to ride the wings of a Victoria’s Secret Angel. So take it from the pros. Snap from an overhead perspective and avoid under the chin shots. At. All. Costs.

3) Background Check

Don’t let an unmade bed or messy kitchen distract from the star of the show. Shoot against a background that looks as good as you do.

4) The rule of thirds: Not just for artists

Those lines on your screen aren’t just for show, ya know? Put the most interesting stuff along the lines and at the points where they intersect.

5) Lighten up

Good lighting can be the difference between three double-taps and 300. Natural light is your friend, especially around sunset and sunrise. If selfie-ing in low-light, have a friend to shine their phone’s flashlight at you for a better, brighter pic.

6) Props, bro

Show off your new shades, accessories, nail art, the colourful Malibu cocktail you’re sipping ... Summer accessories pack a colourful punch. Use ‘em.

7) Beach brag

We’ve all done it: Propped our feet or legs on a lawn chair, wiggled our toes in the sand or staged some other brag-worthy setting to snap, share and totally make friends jealous #wishyouwerehere,

8) Show us your #BestSummerEver #Malibu  

Show us your epic summer moments. Instagram the very best of summer, hashtag it #BestSummerEver, mention @MalibuRumCA, and you’ll be entered for a chance to win a Beach House Getaway. Contest details.