Glamp like a boss: Your go-to guide

Get in touch with your inner adventurer and keep it classy. We’ve got the essentials on how to create a cushy crash pad under the stars.

1. Tent talk

First thing’s first! Every glamper knows that pitching the tent is the first thing to take care of  at the camp site. Shelter makes for dry and happy campers! Check out awesome new styles that interlock together like mini-rooms to keep all your peeps together (and critters separate).

2. Campfire cooking

Glamping and gourmet go hand in hand, as long as you think outside the stick! Try cooking couscous in a tin can on the open fire, bacon-wrapped anything and smoosh together traditional s’more ingredients between two slices of cookie dough—then heat—for next level nosh.

3. Putting the ‘party’ in ‘slumber party’

If you plan on getting any shut eye, or are thinking of pulling an all-nighter after party in your tent, you might as well make it cozy. This is glamping after all! Start with a good base layer. That means a cushy air mattress or two, piled with blankets, pillows and even duvets for those feeling fancy. If sleep feels overrated, add glo sticks, a disco ball and headlamps to light it up ‘til the sun comes up.

4. Bonfire bevvies

Glamping demands campfire cocktails with serious cache. Once you’re all set up and the hard work is done, you’ve totally earned every sip. This is (wo)man vs. wild, so mix up a Manly Bu to mark the occasion.

5. Add some décor to the great outdoors

Glam up the campground by adding some creature comforts. Tiki torches to frame a DIY dance floor, beanbag chairs for stylish seating, and string bunting or paper lanterns around tree branches for a boho vibe.