Quiz: What’s Your Summer Party Personality?

Pop quiz! Like summer school, only fun!  The question: How do you do summer? What’s your summer party personality? Do you go with the flow, or lead the charge towards the best summer ever?  Take the quiz to find out where you fit and how you keep things fired up all season long!

1. You wake up to find it’s way cooler out than you thought. You head out the door:

A) With a stacked shoe wardrobe so you can walk, run and dance your way through anything.

B) With all the necessities for building the ultimate bonfire (hot bevvies included) to stoke the party.

C) Game for whatever your mains are up to. The cold don’t matta’.

D) Ready to turn up, cold ones in the cooler and a gung-ho attitude.

2. Your BBQ is:

A) Carefully wheeled out of hibernation, right on schedule.

B) Always in rotation, rain, sleet, snow or shine

C) Somewhere in between. Used mostly when it’s nice out and out of commision when it’s cold.  

D) Fired up on the regular. Unless it’s out of propane. Whoops!

3. The August long weekend is a few weeks away.  You:

A) Already have a plan locked and loaded, and two back-ups just in case.

B) Make a game-time decision.

C) Totally spaced. What weekend is that again?

D) Are ready to bring it. This is gonna be huge!  

4. Someone suggests a day trip on a cloudy day.  Your first reaction is:

A) Pass! You’ve already got something on the books.

B) Tag along with pit-stops in mind.

C) Co-pilot. Sounds fun and spontaneous.

D) Windows down. Gassed up. Pumped up. Where others see clouds, you see silver linings.

5. It's a real scorcher out:

A) SPF is your MO.

B) Finally! You can’t wait to soak up every ray.

C) Hang in  the sun, then head for the shade. Have to find that happy medium!

D) You’re decked out in shades, a hat, a swimsuit,  zinc on your cheeks, stoked for volleyball, swimming, tanning….

6. Your swimming style is:

A) OMG you can’t even!

B) One toe at a time, unless you get pushed in.

C) The colder the better. You got this.


7. At a summer jam, you:

A) Plan the date, throw the word out and pass it off to the host with the most.

B) Host, man the bar and spin the ones and twos

C) Will reach depending on what else is going down that night.

D) Dance on furniture, wear a lampshade and kill it on karaoke.

8. If your personality were a drink, it would be:

A) Classic, tasty and refreshing.

B) Always different. Fruity. Sour. Shaken. Stirred. You’re happy to try something new!

C) Straight-up, maybe with a twist. Ultimately, smooth and un-fussy.

D) Strong and brightly-flavoured, served in the proper glass complete with rim, mini umbrella, straw and garnish.

Now, check out these party peeps to see which one is most like you!

Mostly A’s: Perpetual Planner

If there’s a plan in the works, you’re already on board. Borderline FOMO, you have a jam-packed social life you can spin seven ways from Sunday. Literally. If things change, you’ve got a back-up, and are famously flexible. A skill that should come in handy for next week’s Twister Tournament.


Mostly B’s: Mix Master

There’s never a dull moment when you’re around. A quintessential Canadian combo of planner and partier, you’ve got an endless supply of good ideas, and the gear to get the good times rolling. You don’t just throw an impromptu dance party. You throw down. Hard. A real master, if there’s fun to be had, chances are you’re a key part of the mix.


Mostly C’s: Easy-Going Enthusiast

Not big on making plans, you’re known for going with the flow. Hyped for a heat wave or cool to chill, you’re always down for total spontaneity. Enthusiastic and easygoing, you leave ‘em wondering how you do it.


Mostly D’s: Bash Booster/Roof Raiser/Fun Fanatic/Rowdy Rally-er/Ante-Upper

Full on fun. Full stop. Renowned for your roof raising, and ante-upping, you can rally with the best of ‘em.  Day and night, you live for summer and are guaranteed to take good times to the next level. You make it happen. Chase the dream. Get’er done.