The #BestSummerEver Bucket List: Ten Ways To Make it Epic

Summer is all about spontaneity, so we get it! A to-do list is the last thing on the brain. But instead of watching all the insta-fun unfold without you, here are ten epic ideas to check off your #bestsummerever bucket list. 

1.  Feel the beat

Jam with your favourite headliners or indie talent and hit up a music fest near you, like Shambhala, Dawson City Music Fest and Osheaga. Just grab your pals, something boho and fringed, and you’re ready to rock.

2.  Get the party started

Ready to throw a poppin’ party? Well, mix up the location. Round up your friends for an afternoon block party, have a backyard blowout, rock a rooftop or hit the dock for a midnight mixer.

3.  Heat up the competition

Nothing wrong with a little competition, right?  Up the stakes to see who’s the best at bocce ball, who can do the best CANNONBALL, pitch a tent the fastest or make the ultimate s’mores.

4.  Catch a flick

Don’t want to miss a hot minute in an air-conditioned theatre? No prob.  Host an outdoor screening!  Project some eye candy on a wall, throw down huge pillows, pop the popcorn and pour cold drinks to make movie magic.

5.  Be a mix master

Get your creative cocktails flowing. Stock your bar with summertime garnishes and mixes and see who can make the raddest recipe with the most memorable moniker.

6.  Discover your inner foodie

Now’s a great time to get some good eats. Try new spots, pop-ups and food trucks to keep things interesting. Be as adventurous as you dare. 

7.  Make it al fresco

Bonjour, awesome. Take your next meal outside and make it a picnic. If you’re feeling like an iron chef, bring along a portable grill and cook on an open flame. Burger, anyone? 


8.  Play tourist for a day

Switch up the scenery and play tourist for a day. Check out some attractions, ask SIRI for a restaurant reco, or pick up a city guidebook to see what visitors get up to and own it!

9.  Get out of town

Pack a bag, blast your summer playlist and pick up your squad. Destination? Fun! Whether you’re headed to the beach, the cabin, the backcountry or the big city, spend a weekend away and hashtag your heart out.


10.  TBT

Time for a serious throwback. Thursday or any day of the week. Jump on a trampoline, chuck a frisbee, run through a sprinkler, make a DIY slip-and-slide or homemade popsicles. Anything to make you feel like a kid again. And TBT to that time when it was the best summer ever.