Five ways to Keep The #BestSummerEver Going

Cottage hangouts with your buds, sizzling backyard barbecues and epic music festivals—it’s definitely been the best summer ever. Sure, the days are getting shorter now and the weather’s cooling down, but whatevs! We know just how to keep the spirit of summer alive using the best that autumn has to offer.

Stretch out swim season

Thankfully, lake water’s pretty lazy about losing heat—it can hold on to that summer warmth well into early October. So while everyone else is hanging up their trunks and bikinis, cannonball it up a few more times.

Punch + pumpkins = perfect

Nothing says next-level summer like making cocktail cups out of pineapples and coconuts—why not give it an autumn twist by hollowing out miniature pumpkins instead? Along with some spiced, fall-flavoured drinks, it’s the perfect way to keep the summer vibe alive with a little help from the harvest.

Blaze up a BBQ-worthy bonfire

You’ve totally done the burger thing all summer—now that autumn’s here, it’s time to get your grill on and build a wicked, warming bonfire at the same time. For your foodie fix, try in-season apple and pork kebabs or butternut squash with a rum and maple glaze. Hungry yet?

Pack up the picnic basket one more time

All you need is a cozy blanket, tasty snacks, and great company (don’t forget hot rum toddies all around) to make an autumn picnic perfect. The outdoor colours will offer up an Instagram-worthy pic, and best part is you’ll probably have the whole park to yourselves. 

Dance the night away

Sure, the air’s a bit chilly, but that’s the perfect reason to keep dancing and stay toasty. Add in a heat lamp, a backyard full of patio lights, and a playlist of everyone’s best summer jams to keep the vibe going into the night.