Staying Warm on the Patio

Hear that? It’s the sound of a patio calling your name one last time before the #BestSummerEver packs up and heads south. “Hey friend,” it’s saying, “’remember all the awesome times we had just hanging with besties and sipping on tasty Malibu cocktails?”

You totally know where this is going. Even though the weather is on cool-down, the Canadian patio is still a beautiful place to be. It gets a little chilly, but Malibu has some great ideas for stretching out patio season just a little bit longer, and keeping the summer vibes going even when the leaves have turned from green to golden.

Make friends with the nearest heat lamp

From coast to coast, most pubs, clubs, dives and bars have their trusty heat lamps on standby. Send a friend in early to snag a table or section close to one so you can still rock your summer threads without wishing you’d worn more.

Layers. They make you interesting

Though most of us might still be in warmer-clothes-denial, it’s probably wise to bring something long-sleeved to wear when you head out. Ponchos, kimonos and cozy cardigans work perfectly. Just pair them with slick sunglasses and a cold drink and you’ll be made in the (slightly chilly) shade. 

Think warm thoughts

Close your eyes and envision palm trees and coconuts. Whatever frees your mind and takes you to a warm, sunny place, think about it. Chances are you’ll feel toasty in no time back on the patio.

Join the crowd

We’re all for independence, but join the (other) cool kids and band together for warmth. A hot topic of conversation can’t hurt either, and you might even meet someone new!


When all else fails, check your ego at the door, lose your inhibitions and bust a move. Whether it’s your best twerk, two-step, or a pop, lock & drop, it’s a surefire way to get the blood pumping and the party bumping!