Five of the best Canadian sunsets you have to see before summer says k-thnx-bye

Autumn might be knocking on the door, but these views will be waiting for you next year too.

We were kinda too busy with all the backyard dance parties, road trips to wherever and cottage cocktail sessions to notice at first. But then it was like boom—the days got shorter, the nights got cooler.

All of a sudden it hit us: summer’s about to peace out. It’s all good though—this was the #BestSummerEver for a reason and we’ve got the memories to prove it.

And as the sun literally sets on summer, we thought it’d be a cool send-off to round up some of Canada’s best sunset spots from coast to coast. Autumn might be knocking on the door, but these views will be waiting for you next year too.

Mont Royal, Montreal, Quebec

Montreal, you had us at bonjour. And the perfect day avec vous? Easy – we’re thinking delish fresh bagels and then Schwartz’s, a carriage-drawn ride through the cobblestone streets of Old Montreal, getting our shop (and drink) on along Rue St. Denis, and then the cherry on top of the sundae: a walk up Mont Royal to take in a spectacular sunset. Get up high enough and you get a panoramic view of the entire city!

Toronto Island, Toronto, Ontario

The 6 has a skyline you can recognize instantly, but the only way you’re going to see it stand out against a beautiful sunset is from the chill, cozy charm of the Toronto Islands. Think of it like the end to a perfect day: bike around, make friends with Mother Nature, kick back on a sandy beach and watch the sky give you the perfect Instagram moment.

English Bay Beach, Vancouver, British Columbia

There’s a reason that locals always head to English Bay for amazing sunsets—the area offers up a sprawling beach perfect for tanning before the daylight fades, not to mention an unbelievable view of the Island and mountains beyond. If you want to double up on the fun, check out one of the nearby restos or bars to kick back and take in a light show you need to see for yourself.

Port Hood, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Super friendly people, delish lobster nom-noms, and Ceilidhs all over the place—we kinda want the Maritimes all the time! In between all this east coast awesomeness, try checking out a sunset you’ll remember long after the Celtic music stops. The seaside area known as Port Hood is perfect for this, with its amazing lookout spots and the Gulf of St Lawrence reflecting everything. 

Pretty much anywhere the land meets the sky, Saskatchewan

If you’ve ever road-tripped through the prairie countryside, you know that things can get flatter than a pancake and ruler convention. But there’s definitely a special kind of beauty to seeing golden wheat fields stretch out endlessly, especially when the sun starts rolling west. Dusk on a perfect day means a massive sky full of eye-popping colour!