HAVIN A SPLASH W/ @RandomActsofPastel

Alyssa Garrison @RandomActsofPastel knows what’s up with pool parties this Summer Sixteen. Be ahead of the game with these Malibu-inspired, ‘cool’-coloured, pool party outfits.

Sunny Soiree’s

Take a beautiful outfit like this to wherever your pool party ends up being. Guaranteed you’ll have all eyes on you.

Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie

Having a bikini ready for the perfect summer day is essential…especially for a ‘pool party’ kind of day. Why not dress up your Malibu cocktails with these funky straws, too!

Pineapple Fever

Chill by a pool (whether it’s your or not), in a pineapple-patterned outfit like this one – obviously inspired by a Malibu cocktail fav ;)

Pool Party attire? Done!

Now it’s time to pair your outfit with an equally fashionable DIY Custom Mason Jars.