DIY Flamingo Ring Toss

Festival days are the most fun – especially when we’re passing the time an easy DIY flamingo ring toss!


  • Plastic flamingos with stakes
  • Large glowsticks
  • Spray paint
  • Plant pots
  • Heavy duty sand

Step 1

Spray paint the glowsticks with your favourite, vibrant colours. Use plastic-specific spray paint for chip-free perfection.


Step 2

Next, use spray paint on the planters to make bright, attractive bases for the flamingos.

Step 3

Fill the planters with heavy duty sand, then show your flamingos to their forever home.

Step 4

And voilà – your summer just got a little more Malibu wild!

Flamingo ring toss game heating up? Cool down with a Coconut Mojito.