Backyard Party On w/ @OverMyStyledBody

We’re all set for our next backyard bash with Lyndsey Forrest. Bring all the boys (and girls!) to your yard with Malibu-inspired party fashion.

Easy, Breezy

Getting backyard party-ready couldn’t be easier with a beautiful and bright sundress like this!

Stripes on Stripes on Stripes

This bright h-to-t (head-to-toe) look is perfect for a daytime gathering. Add in some bright nail polish to really shine.

Welcome To The Jungle / On The Prowl

Channel your inner wild-child for your next jungle-inspired gathering. With a tiki tumbler in-hand you’ll be ready for anything.

Backyard attire? Done!

Now it’s time to light up the night with our DIY Tin Can Lanterns.