10 Camping Hacks That Are Just Pure Genius

In a quest to propel you from camping to glamping, look no further than these 10 hacks.

When it comes to camping, lets face facts: we’re not in it for the comfort. It’s for the fun. Obviously.

If you’re a fair-weather camper (and who would blame you?), it’s likely that you may be armed with none of the gear as well as no idea.

Well, save your hard-earned cash, you need not splash out on the kit as these clever little hacks will transform your camping experience into a glamping one. 

See you by the campfire. 

Foam Floors Inside Tents 

These comfy foam bricks will help you sleep like a baby.  

Here’s how.

Tic Tac Bottles For Spices

Because campfire dining doesn’t have to mean bland.

Here’s how.

Grilled Chocolate Banana Melts

A sugar hit yes, but you’ll need these to keep you warm through the night. What better snack to accompany those campfire cocktails?

Here’s how.

Match Storage

Sandpaper a mason jar lid for strike-able match storage. Simple, but effective.

Here’s how.

Dehydrated Toothpaste Dots

Tackling morning breath is a breeze with these…

Here’s how.

Roasted Malibu-Marshmallow Shot Glass

Master the art of roasting marshmallows and drinking from a shot glass all in one. Just fill up with Malibu and sip! Sweet!

Here’s how.

Waterproof Shoes In Beeswax

Because dank is rank.

Here’s how.

Prepare Your Breakfast

How do you like your eggs in the morning? Oh cool, it’s burritos then.

Here’s how.

Acorn Cap Whistle

Blow into this loudly for help if you’re lost in the woods. Or just to get the party started.

Here’s how.

Pre-Make Cocktails

Mix up your cocktails at home (the Bay Breeze is our drink of choice!) and bottle them in jars for a mess-free and stress-free evening.

Here’s how.

Campfire Flints

Pack a pencil sharpener – it’s handy for making wood shavings for campfire flints, and creating sharp objects for prongs.

Here’s how.

Water-bottle Lamp

What do you call someone who fails to pack a spare lamp or extra batteries? Forgetful.

Here’s how.