14 Hacks to stage a mini festival 

Coachella who? Glastonbury what? That’s what everyone will be saying after going to YOUR festival.

Festivals are awesome, that goes without saying, but what if you could attend one that had no entry fee, no BYOB ban, and no dreaded portable toilets? Well, you can.

In fact, these hacks to create an epic festival in your very own backyard are so great, the hardest part will be turning people away because, once the word gets out, your place will be packed.

Build A Stage

Plecs, drums, and rock ‘n’ roll.

Here’s how.

Food & Drink Stalls

Can’t afford to rent a food truck? Create your own food and drink stalls and serve whatever you want! Hello, cocktails.

Here’s how.

Custom Make Festival Wristbands 

Because everybody loves a keepsake…

Here’s how.

Backyard Camping

 It may only be a few metres from your pad, but is it really a festival if you’re not sleeping under the stars?

Here’s how.

Drink Coupons

A Malibu Pineapple is sure to get your guests in the mood as soon as they arrive. Best host ever? Yes. Yes you are.

Here’s how.

DIY Flower Crown

That ‘festival look’? Nailed it. Instagram your crown (Valencia filter compulsory) to cement your status as Queen of all Festivals. Or King. Whatever.

Here’s how.

Festival Sunglasses

Time to throw some serious shade. Yes we’re biased, but pineapple frames are THE best.

Here’s how.

Artistic Centrepiece

Tumble down the rabbit hole and opt for a zany, Alice in Wonderland-esque vibe.

Here’s how.

Holi Powder 

POOF! SPLAT! No festival is complete (or messy enough) without a Holi Festival paint fight.

Here’s how.

Festival Decor 

Hang small vases of flowers from tree branches to create a quirky atmosphere.

Here’s how.

Festival Entrance Sign

Start as you mean to go on. In style, that is.

Here’s how.

Silent Disco

Don’t want to annoy the neighbours? This is the answer.

Here’s how.

Body Painting/Face Painting 

Unleash your creativity and take on a new, colourful guise.

Here’s how.

Tiki Lights 

‘Tis all about that perfect ambience, after all. They’ll go great with your hula skirt.

Here’s how.

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