14 Signs You’re Fest-Obsessed

Practicing face-painting? Feeling compelled to buy everything-fringed? Ah, it’s that season again and you’re fest-obsessed. 

1. There are more festival ticket release dates in your diary than your actual friends’ birthdays.

2. You check online and all social platforms to see if the line-up has been announced. Daily.

3. You fear finding out that your two favorite bands are playing at the same time. At opposite ends of the same festival.

4. You forgo many ‘normal’ nights out, just to pay for ALL the festival tickets.

5. Taking it a fringe too far, your last shopping trip resulted in you buying a fringed waistcoat, fringed T-Shirt and a handy pair of fringed cut-off jeans. This ain’t the Fringe Festival, yo. 

6. You’ve been researching and practicing new face-painting designs.

7. You need new flower crowns. And you need them now. 

8. You’re permanently logged into Spotify, just so you’re in the know with all the new bands. Well, you don’t want to look like you’re out the loop now do you?

9. Trip to the specialist dry cleaner ticked off the list and feathered jacket successfully cleaned. 

10. The thought of sleeping in a tent and not having a shower for three days fills you, for once, with total excitement. Hair starts self-cleaning after a while anyway, right?

11. You’re excited about getting a new bank of Facebook profy-Ps – last year’s festival pictures have been recycled one too many times. Ugh, they are so 2014. 

12. Thanks to clever marketing, when browsing the net, waterproof ponchos, glittery galoshes, heart-shaped shades and other items of that ilk now continually appear on your sidebar. 

13. Many people have heard you preach that fanny packs are totes acceptable this time of year.

14. You’ve practised how to pitch a tent in your own backyard. It really didn’t go well, and you really didn’t care. *laughs manically under the stars with excitement*