When the sun doth shine, why make like the rest of the population and head to the people littered beaches, rammed bars and crowded parks when you can throw the party of the decade right in your backyard. Literally.

From building your own urban beach and giant man-sized board games to an inspired outdoor cinema, these 10 hacks will help to revamp, remodel and revolutionize your backyard party is not one to forget. Get set, GO.

Build A Beach

Because if you can bring the beach to you, why wouldn’t you?

Here's how. 

Thomas J. Story via Sunset

Outdoor Lawn Twister

Ever wondered how this classic game could possibly be more fun?

Here’s how.


Nadine's Nook

Wireless Speakers

This might sound/ look/ seem like a joke but it really, really works.

Here's how. 

The B-Roll


Song sheets and acoustic guitars optional. 

Here's how.

SoaringStar: Myshot

Pineapple Piñata  

What better way to release your fun side than with these fruity piñatas?

Here's how.


Studio DIY


Because come rain or shine, the party must go on…

Here's how.

Waiting on Martha

Outdoor Movies

Well, al fresco movies are the trend du jour, after all.  

Here's how.

Intertwined Events

DIY Citronella Candles

Light up the night and keep mozzies at bay with these pretty candles in jars. How very 2015.

Here's how.

Mick Telkamp: DIY Network

Fairy Lights

Well, we all know lighting is EVERYTHING.

Here's how. 



It’s the ultimate in outdoor lounging…

Here's how.

By Stephanie Lynn

Title image : Sunny Slide Up