10 Tips to Make Sure This Summer is the Best Summer Ever

The festivals and beach plans may still be but a few weeks away, but why wait for the weather to play catch up? There are loads of other fun things to do that’ll get your summer vibes starting early. Here are ten tips to ensure you have the best, most spontaneous summer ever!

1. Try 5 new things in the city you live in.

Grab a friend, put together a bucket list of all fun things in your city you’ve never done and make like a tourist for a weekend. Fake accents optional. 

2. Jump on the first train you see

Head to the train station and get on the first train you see. Don’t check where it’s going, just go and get ready for an adventure into the unknown. Because we all love some spontaneity.


3. Try to lift yourself with balloons

Even if you can’t do it, jumping up or to the side makes a great picture. Your Instagram friends won’t know the difference. Mostly.


4. Crash a party

You’ll get to make new friends and won’t have to worry about cleaning up in the morning. Just remember to bring a bottle and your best ‘please-don’t-throw-me-out’ smile.

5. Make a rum watermelon

What do you get when you combine the two most summery things in the whole world? The single greatest invention ever, that’s what.

6. Say ‘YES’ to everything for a whole day

Be positive and good things will happen. We’re not sure exactly what, but you’ll definitely have some stories to tell by the end of it.


7. Learn ‘Hello’ in 10 languages

You never know where you might use this, even if it’s at your friend’s house as your new party trick. We can’t all juggle bottles.

8. Give yoga a go!

Get a group together and let your yogi friend lead the class. Downward Dog today, headstands on a paddleboard tomorrow.

9. Invent a new laugh

Use it in a room full of strangers. Extra points for uncontrollable snorting.

10. Go on a road trip

Drive somewhere you and your friends have always wanted to go, or haven’t been for years. Snacks and a road trip playlist required.

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