10 Reasons We Know Summer Is Nearly Here

Long balmy days and sunny climes can turn even the grumpiest of souls into fun-loving spirits.

So, even one little sign that summer is around the corner is enough for us to unearth the BBQ, pack away the winter wardrobe and don some shorts. Here are ten solid signs that summer’s so close we can almost taste it.

1. Netflix is getting a rest

As soon as the sun doth shine, the guilt of slobbing in front of the TV is too much to bear. So, outside we go. Who cares if it’s not that warm?

2. It’s WHAT time and it’s still light?

When you wake up, it’s light. When you finish work, it’s light. It’s a win-win situation. The days are getting longer which officially means summer is around the corner. See ya, seasonal blues.

3. Two Words: Alfresco Drinking

Parks, they are packed. Beer gardens, they are full. Roof terraces, they are rammed. Even if it means you’re huddled under the heaters / draped in rugs, the fact you’re still drinking outside = nearly summer.

4. People are smiling. Actually genuinely smiling

Wave farewell to the winter frown; it’s like that Friday Feeling but every. Single. Day.

5. You’re thinking about calling in sick

I can’t *cough cough* make it in today, Boss. Dr. Beach Day has advised you to stay in your bed. It’s just that your bed happens to be a sun lounger. Just remember not to brag about it on social media…

6. Rum cocktails are the only drink du jour

No more hot chocolates for you. Bring in the Pina Coladas and Daiquiris, it’s officially rum o’clock!

7. It’s all picnics and BBQs

Your social calendar is starting to fill up faster than Drake can get away from Madonna. Another Facebook invite? Oh, go on then.

8. Our outfits have lashings of colour

Wearing bright yellow in public is, once again, socially acceptable. Come on, have you ever worn black leather under the scorching sun? Torture.

9. The gym is the busiest since January

Eek! Swimsuit season is right around the corner and the reality of donning a bikini is real. The Squat Challenge is in full force. This beach bod better be worth it.

10. You scream, I scream, we’re all screaming for ice cream

The sweet sound of summer returns as the ice cream trucks hit the road. Grab your wallet and lace up those shoes – you need to be first in line.