Malibu Splash Statement and Q&A February 19th, 2020

What is Malibu Splash?

What’s better than sipping on refreshing tasting drinks with friends? Sipping on refreshing tasting AND effortless drinks with friends. That’s why summer’s favorite spirit, Malibu, is introducing Malibu Splash, a brand-new, ready-to-drink, sparkling malt beverage. Nowadays, everyone is looking for delicious drinks that they can take anywhere and don’t have to worry about mixing up; people want to enjoy simple, but still refreshing tasting drinks with friends and family no matter the occasion - and Malibu Splash provides just that!

When is it available?

Malibu Splash is available now and will be announced via media, social media, a press release and public relations announcement on February 19th. Whether it be on a rooftop, at BBQs, or at pool parties, Malibu Splash is the perfect, ready-to-drink beverage to sip on throughout the summer season, and even beyond!

Where can I find it?

Now you’ll be able to find Malibu Splash in the beer aisle at national, regional and local grocery stores as well as package stores. Check here:

Does it contain Malibu Rum?

No, Malibu Splash is a sparkling malt beverage with natural flavors added.

What are the flavor options?

Malibu Splash will come in four new, exciting flavors: Pineapple, Strawberry, Passionfruit and Lime.

Why these new Malibu cans?

There’s been so much love and demand for our ready to drink cans. We’re always looking for new ways to bring new and exciting products to our consumers and this gave us an opportunity to continue to evolve our Malibu drinks and expand where and how you can find our products.

How do I drink it?

You can feel free to sip and enjoy Malibu Splash directly out of a chilled can.

Is this a Hard Seltzer?

No, Malibu Splash is not a Hard Seltzer. With Malibu Splash we have focused on bringing summer flavors to life in a convenient format – it’s a sparkling malt beverage.