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Malibu Continues Its Mission To Connect With Consumers Through new Bottle Technology

US rollout and a new take on NFC bottle cap technology will further strengthen the brands Connected Bottle journey

Malibu is continuing its global roll out ofconnected bottles in 2019 and will lead theway with its Internet of Things (IoT) initiativeby introducing world-leading technology thatintegrates near field communication (NFC)technology into aluminum bottle caps.

Malibu will deploy 300,000 connected bottles inthe states of Ohio and Texas as part of The MalibuGames 2019. The launch of the new limited-editionconnected bottles provides US local consumersaccess to exclusive Malibu Games content withjust one tap of theirmobile device.Equipped witha world-leadingdesign thatshowcases analuminum bottle capintegrating NFC technology, as well as a QR codeprinted on the bottle neck, consumers are able totap the bottles with their mobile devices and accessan exclusive Malibu Games content experience.

Malibu has been experimenting with NFC ‘smartpackaging’ since 2015, and the US release followsa successful deployment in the UK and Germanyin 2018. Caitriona Murphy, Global Brand Manager,Malibu explains: “Through the adoption of theIoT initiative, Malibu has transformed its bottlesinto media touchpoints, meaning we’re ableto start a new conversation in a space that isnotoriously saturated. Our connected bottles helpkeep the brand relevant post-purchase, providingservices and experiences to the consumer beyondthe liquid itself. Bringing the Malibu Gamesexperience to consumers and allowing them tojoin in and share good times with friends is all partof the Malibu ethos”.

The connected bottle will give consumers theopportunity to join the Malibu Games, via a mobile game called Sunshine Slide, for the chance towin prizes. The bottles will also include fun newadditions like drinks recipes and sweepstakecompetitions for consumers to enjoy.

Malibu aims to constantly recruit new consumersthrough its offering of personalized and relevantcontent, which is why the brand is using itsstrongest asset – the iconic Malibu bottle – tosupport this. The consumer experiences offeredby the connected bottled add optimum value andbrand relevance for consumers, as they createunique opportunitiesto connect thebrand with itsaudience. Bytransforming theone asset Malibuknows its consumerscome into contact with, the brand is able toconnect with its target audience on a muchdeeper level, through the experiences it offers.

Speaking on the new technology, SimoneQuistgaard, Director of Business DevelopmentVIRTUE, the creative agency by VICE said: “Witha chip in every bottle, Malibu makes a big pushin bringing IoT to FMCG. With unproven tech likethis, the need for constant iteration and testingmade us work closer with Malibu than ever before– and it’s been a blast to boost their innovativespirit with creativity and gamification. Now thatNFC becomes more naturally integrated in newergenerations of phones, we’re sure to see moreopportunities to marry Point of Sale, Experientialand CRM in the future".

The new Malibu Connected Bottle featuringworld-leading technology that integrates near fieldcommunication (NFC) technology into aluminumbottle caps, has been developed in collaborationwith Guala Closures Group.

The roll-out of the connected bottles represents a first for the US market and will makeits debut in select markets and stores beginning June 2019, while supplies last. For moreinformation, please contact: