How To Get Seriously Awesome at Photobombing 

We’ve all had those urges. You know, when people are posing for a photo and the desire – no, the overwhelming NEED – to gatecrash overcomes you. What? You just really want to be included in the photo! It’s not your fault. It’s FOMO’s fault.

Familiar with this? Sure you are. But, did you know that there are many different types of photobombing? Oh yes, there are several ways in which to ruin others’ photos. These are our favorite ten…

Say cheese. Or not. 

The Bunny Ears

Little did you know, you’ve been photobombing since you were five. The Bunny Ears is an entry-level photobomb for all of those who are a little too afraid to go Full Monty. We get it. Just claim it was a peace sign gone wrong.

The Thumb Man

Inspired by the Internet sensation (if you don’t know the thumb man, then find out quick and don’t ever admit to your friends that it took you this long) it’s time to make yourself look like a thumb. Yes, really. Get a friend involved and you can compare how many chins you have. The winner gets eternal pride and glory. As well as their multiple chins captured for eternity.

The Fly By

What’s that, a photo’s about to be taken? So fly into that picture before anyone can mutter “Say Cheese”. If that means you have to throw your entire body in front of everyone to block their smiling faces, then that’s just what you’re gonna have to do. You go, Glen Coco.

The Creeper

This might happen when you unknowingly stumble into a picture. Whether you know the folks or not, there’s nothing worse than looking like a caught-off-guard cat in any snap (these last forever, you know). Instead, get out that creepy smile that you save for only your closest friends. It’s what Mr. Bean would’ve done.

The Scrape

How. Dare. They. Your friends are taking a picture without you. Well, NOT UP IN HERE! Slide into the group shot like you were always destined to be in it. Everyone knows it wouldn’t have been complete without you anyway.

The Lord Voldemort

The beauty of sneaking up on a picture whilst you’re behind a glass wall or a window means no one can hear you coming. You squish your face on the window. You squish your face like you’ve never squished before.

The Celebrity BFF

We all know how it feels to be star-struck, but a little too chicken to approach a celebrity. Take a selfie or a picture of your friend where said celebrity happens to be standing behind you, probably with a mouthful of sandwich. Now they’re the ones ‘photobombing’. You’re all best friends and they don’t even know it yet.

The Actual Celebrity BFF

Alternatively, continue to take pictures and pray someone famous decides to pops up, this time on purpose. ONE DAY.

The Grenade

It’s natural to feel left out when two people decide to PDA in front of the world. Well, not for long! Celebrate the love by bouncing into that picture that was, initially, destined for Instagram. Yes, both you and the picture may be unwanted, but don’t let them ruin your fun. Who said three was a crowd?

The Blue Steel

The saucy finger bite, wink-and-gun-finger combo and Kylie Jenner pout are all ways to show that you’re the real star of this picture. Send over the modeling contract, you’re ready. And girl? You BETTER WERK.