Blogging 101: The Ultimate Guide To Blogging

Are you ready to have your very own slice of the Internet? Ready, set, blog!

Everyone’s a blogger these days. The job that didn’t even exist back in the days of wondering ‘What you want to be when you grow up’ is now the career title of everyone from your cocktail-loving best friend to your surf-crazy neighbour.

If you’re experiencing a little FOMO, we’ve got you covered. Get in on the action with our expert advice on becoming a blogging sensation!

Pick Your Name

Your blog will be your baby, so it’s like naming your first car. We get it. If you need a little help, or want to find out what names aren’t yet taken on the web, here’s a good website.

Be Specific

What are you blogging about? Festival fashion? Summer cocktails? Your love of cats? It can be anything, go with what you know and what you could talk about all day.


There are heaps of platforms that you can use to make your blog beautiful. The easiest by far is Google Blogger, which is perfect for beginners. Those who are a little more capable and aren’t afraid of coding, WordPress is calling you. SquareSpace is another that will have your blog looking like a professional’s in no time. It’s worth searching around to see what’s right for you! 

Does This Layout Look Good On Me?

A clean-cut layout that’s easy to navigate is always a winner. However, make it anything you want to be. Any colour, any style. A giant picture of yourself in the header? A beach sunset? You got it. You can get great layouts for free, but you can always upgrade to something cooler when you feel like you’re a blogging pro.

Snap Away

Everyone loves pictures. A picture's worth a thousand words, right? Make sure you take lots of great snaps for each blog post – from selfies on the beach to action camera surfing stills and colourful cocktail close-ups – but leave out those blurred pics. This is the 21st century, yo. Here’s a nifty starter’s guide! 

Forget Writer’s Block

Don’t overthink writing, and write as you would speak. You’re chatting to your friends, not publishing a novel. Remember, if someone didn’t want to read this, they wouldn’t be on your blog, so write away!

Keep At It

There’s nothing worse than a blog that hasn’t been updated in, oh, a mere 6 months. We know you’ve been busy with all that partying and action-packed fun, but why not tie your social life into your blog? That way you’re likely to write little but often – which is essential. Blog posts should be short and sweet, anyway.

Shout It From The Rooftops 

Hi, what do you do? Young professional by day, expert blogger by night. You’re basically a superhero. If saying “I’m a blogger” isn’t a perk of having a blog then we don’t know what is.

Catchy Blog Post Titles

Let’s be honest – no one’s going to read a post titled “The Items of Clothing I Wore to Work in the Past Week” or "Nice local bars". Yawn City. But “The Hottest Work Outfits for 2015” and "Top party hotspots in your area"?  Get ready to go viral, my friend.

Open For Comments

Comments are the best for getting feedback and letting people tell you how great you are. You might meet some haters along the way, but ignore them, because, why are they on your blog anyway? Exactly. 

Become A Blogging Sensation

Okay, so you’re officially a King/Queen of the blogging world. Now what? Enjoy the perks! It’s the job you never knew you wanted. And possibly another source of income. That’s right, Mom. 

Hero Image Source: @GaryPepperGirl - Instagram