Five of the Best Cities That Don’t Sleep

They say you spend 25 years of your life snoozing. That’s a whole lotta FOMO right there. 

So, for those insomniacs among you who believe the fun starts as the sun fades, these cities are to be added to your summer bucket list.  

Because sleep is overrated, right? Right.



Where it's at: Japan’s vibrant capital, Tokyo has scientifically been proven to be the actual city that never sleeps – possibly something to do with long working days, equally long drinking sessions, and the lengthy commutes

Top picks: Two words: Karaoke. Bar. It’s the nation’s favorite recreational activity, don’t cha know. Our recommendation? Unless your Japanese is up to par, make sure you pop into one that plays English songs. Or, why not head to one of Tokyo’s music festivals this summer?

Feast your eyes: Forget restaurants, cafes, pubs, and bars – there’s something that combines all of these in this intriguing city. They’re called Izakaya, and absolutely everyone goes to them. 35 Steps Bistro is one of the best.

Drink and be merry: Say “Konnichiwa” to Trump Room. The epitome of Tokyo trendy, here you can bask in the presence of Japan’s top fashionistas. You’ll be partying until 5am among chandeliers and disco balls. (Are we talking about the décor or the outfits? Both, potentially.) Just don your quirkiest attire and you’ll fit right in.




Where it's at: The capital of Kingdom of the Netherlands. Sounds fancy, don’t it? That’s because it is. The city is filled with bicycles, canals, coffee shops and… pie. Loads and loads of Dutch apple pie. Oh, and the notorious Red Light District. 

Top picks: Even if you’re not going to partake in any peep shows or all the other naughty things De Wallen (aka The Red Light District) has to offer, this part of town is still a must-visit – even if only for the window shopping. Don’t miss the arty delight that is De Parade Theatre Festival either, which kicks off in August.

Feast your eyes: For a literal taste of Amsterdam – and to sample all the fine foods this city has to offer – get lost in Foodhallen. Located in a beautiful tramshed-turned-warehouse, locals and tourists alike gather here to indulge in the various stalls. Try some traditional Bitterballen, but with a twist, from De BallenBar (hello, truffle and chorizo options). 

Drink and be merry: CC Muziekcafe claims to be the coziest live music bar in Amsterdam. You’ll be welcomed with open arms by the owner, who’s known to be one of the friendliest Dutchmen around. Tucked away in de Pjip, the top quality music here will make you want to dance all night!


New York

Where it's at: The Big Apple. This city is renowned for its lack of shut-eye, and with good reason. Whether it be late night parties or honking traffic, there’s always something going on. Somewhere. And that something is usually loud.

Top picks: Night-time rock climbing, anyone? Steep Rock Bouldering is open until 11pm on weekdays and 10pm on weekends. Or, head to Nitehawk’s Live Sound Cinema for a midnight viewing, where a live band plays against silent film.

Feast your eyes: When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Or in this case, the New Yorkers. Pies-N-Thighs, a Williamsburg favorite, opened up in Manhattan this year, and it’s as great as everyone hoped it would be. Order some good ol’ Mac ‘n’ Cheese with hot sauce or a Fried Chicken Sandwich and wash it down with a classic Arnold Palmer – a mix of lemonade and Sweet Iced Tea. Open until midnight. 

Drink and be merry: Otto’s Shrunken Head is a happenin’ tiki bar tucked away in the East Village. Aside from the sea of Hawaiian print shirts (don’t act like you don’t have one), you’ll meet the punk rockers of NYC that this bar attracts, thanks to the rock bands that play here on a regular basis. We’re not complaining though… Hand us another Malibu cocktail, will ya? 



Muve Magazine

Where it's at: Famous for its summer nightlife, Ibiza is possibly the party capital of, oh, just the entire world. How can you sleep when there’s music playing 24/7? The drinks start flowing early at the beach clubs, and the nights are never-ending at the nightclubs. Whether you’re in a rowdy club or at a VIP table, there’ll be no time for shut-eye. 

Top picks: Inspired by Total Wipeout, Ocean Mania is an inflatable waterpark – open until 8pm – where you and your friends can go crazy. Or, if you want to get the party started early, dive into a boat party. Many San Antonio departures set sail at dusk, so you can watch the sun go down and party the night away.

Feast your eyes: Save your pennies and go to Lio. Pricey, yes, but it’s well worth your dollar. It’s no ordinary dinner – there’s a full cabaret show that happens while you eat. Different singing and dancing acts with incredible effects and routines, this is one night to remember. Lio turns into a club afterwards. Win.

Drink and be merry: Start your evening by watching the sun set at one of the most stunning viewpoints in Ibiza. Kumharas is the definition of a chill-out zone that serves up some seriously summery cocktails. Sit and sip on the rocks while taking selfies to show everyone how cool and in-the-know you are with this gem. 


Dmitri Korobtsov

Where it's at: The capital of beautiful, beautiful Ireland, Dublin is the birthplace of many sacred Irish pubs, an adorable Irish accent, and that drummer from U2. If the gorgeous greenery and cultural gems aren’t exactly what you’re there for, we’d bet top dollar the Dubliners’ fun approach to never-ending nightlife will be. 

Top picks: Watch movie classics under a blanket of stars with your pals – while sipping on cocktails, naturally – at Happenings, which also offers a range of other events in public spaces. Keep your eyes peeled for these. And, as if on cue (sorry not sorry), there are also 24 hour Snooker Pubs. Up for the challenge?

Feast your eyes: You’re in town. You’re famished. But what to eat? A Gourmet Irish Burger, to be sure! Whether you’ve heard of one before or not, at Bobo’s, that’s exactly what you’re going to get. With proper chunky chips. Prepare to drool in 3, 2, 1… 

Drink and be merry: Grab a seat at The Porterhouse Central. The multi-story pub offers nightly entertainment and a lively atmosphere that keeps going until ‘the wee small hours’, giving you plenty of time to hit up its dee-lish cocktails.