How To Rule The Beach: things to remember

Do you want to be King or Queen of the shores? Then you’ll need to remember these buzzwords – all part of Malibu’s A to Z guide to having the Best Summer Ever!

The first episode of this year’s Malibu’s Best Summer Ever project is all about learning how to surf like a pro, look the part, and catch it all on camera. 

After spending an immense day doing all these things, our four fun YouTubers – Mike, Maddie, Ceara and Tom – picked two letters from the alphabet that stood for their highlights; S for Standing on a surfboard and H for Hitting the beach.

And now, we've put together a list of words starting with the very same letters for you guys; take note of these points and you'll soon be a Beach Legend…


S is for… 


Shred, stoked, shakka – these are all words you Need. To. Know. Well, if pro surfer Shawn Dollar uses them, you know they’re cool. 


Keep it suave, keep it real, and keep it old-school by sourcing all your attire from a chic vintage shop. Think: bright shorts, floral print skirts and oversized shades. 


Whether it’s licking your camera lens to keep water marks at bay, or pushing up on a surfboard in style, you’ll need to learn some raw skills to cement your reputation as a beach aficionado.


From sunsets to selfies; Action camera sticks to drones… the ways in which to document your time on the beach are endless. Go capture your adventure!


H is for…


Must be worn. Day and night. From Fedora hats to flowery headbands –don’t forget to keep a cool head in the sun and look dreamy under the stars.

Hanging out 

Whether you’re kicking back together on the sand or huddling around a campfire with your pals, you ain’t no beach legend without a posse.


From the sun’s intense rays to the sizzling flames where you toast your marshmallows; time to lap up the holiday hotness.

Happy hour

What better way to celebrate watching the sun sink into the sea than with a sweet, ice-cold glass of Malibu and pineapple? Cheers to THAT.

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