The Best Cocktail Accounts On Instagram

Have you ever wondered why your homemade cocktails never taste as good as they do in bars? Well, we hate to break it to you, but it’s probably because you’ve been getting it all wrong. Until now, that is.

From drink obsessives to the professional movers and shakers, we bring to you the cocktail heroes who never fail to Instagram their every drink, invention and tip to make our lives that much better. 

Natalie Migliarini


Who: A home bartender, cocktail stylist, photographer, writer and recipe developer – Natalie knows her cocktails.

Why Follow: Her experienced mix of styling and photography makes for some awesome sun-drenched viewing. 

Brooklyn Based Cocktail Co.


Who: A feed packed with recipes and tips for homemade bottled cocktails. ‘DIY’ has never sounded better.

Why Follow: For touch of nostalgia. But mainly because the recipes can be followed, remade and poured into 750ml bottles. So, there you have it: pre-prepared party drinks or a perfect gift!

Drinkology: Drinks & Hotspots


Who: A mouth-watering cocktail reposting site.

Why Follow: Brought to you from Brazil, this accounts scours Instagram to find the best of the drinkspiration out there. It’s sure to generate those summer vibes.

Lets Turn Up


Who: Mixologist and nightclub bartender with a real sweet tooth.

Why Follow: For colorful combos, shots of humor and a sugar fix, this is your guy. Some of his cocktails resemble traffic lights, too. Ready, set, DRINK!

Pete Steiner


Who: ‘Just your average’ Kiwi bartender… with above average cocktail skills.

Why Follow: Pete has a real flair for tricks, as can be seen in his many cool videos. Watch and learn – you’ll be throwing bottles like him in no time.

Tipsy Bartender


Who: A YouTube sensation who’s happy to share his prowess.

Why Follow: He’s game to teachyou the most extraordinary creations. And, because he’s regularly re-posted by his peers, he’s clearly the man to follow.

Cocktail Chronicles


Who: An LA based account offering recipes, tips and fancy garnishes.

Why Follow: These are some of the most creative cocktails on Instagram right now; from alco-popsicles to foaming egg whites and cascading smoke-in-a-glass, it’s time to get your creative juices flowing. 

Sweet N Boozy


Who: Somebody who knows exactly how to pair fruit with alcohol. Well, you’ve got to get your five a day somehow…

Why Follow: This feed is so hot it’ll melt your popsicle. And with the strap-line: “When sugar meets booze it’s nothing but sweet loving”, how can you go wrong?