Two opposing forces have joined to create one big tasty powerhouse. Enter: Ice cream and fries.

Once upon a time, there were two lonely flavors. For many years, Sweet and Savory roamed this earth, pining for something – but exactly what, nobody knew. And then… one fine day, at long last, they FOUND each other. Cue an explosive, tantalizing affair that everybody is bound to obsess over for years to come.

We’re totally in favor of this unexpected pairing; from salted caramel to chili chocolate, cocktails containing sweet peas, bacon, figs or shrubs (yep, it’s a thing) to our nice pair, ice cream and fries, this marriage of flavors is definitely in good taste.

You might even say it’s the modern day equivalent of Romeo and Juliet; that is, a bittersweet tale of two unlikely partners that were just destined to be together.