Meet the cast of Best Summer Ever 

A fun-loving group of YouTube stars are about to set off on a worldwide adventure. Read on to discover some juicy facts about these BIG personalities…

You’ve been waiting for this moment. You’ve been crossing days off your calendar and marking tally charts on the wall. But the moment is finally here; it’s time to meet the Best Summer Ever cast!

Enter Mike, Maddie, Ceara and Tom – four fresh-faced YouTube stars. They’ve packed their bags, grabbed their passports and are ready for the adventure of a lifetime! Here they reveal their summer stories, travel tips and why cat poop is tasty… 


Mike Corey (the scuba diver)

Mike fronts his popular YouTube channel, Kick The Grind. You’ll soon be wowed by this charismatic Canadian’s cool charm and huge sense of adventure…

I can pull some fun out of almost any situation. I have 6 years of travel experience under my belt, so I hopefully we’ll get up to a few things you wouldn’t expect us to… 

Summer is all about being free, spending time outside, and enjoying long sunny days­. It’s hard not to love it. Being from Canada, summer is the time we all head into the woods and explore the massive forests. 

This summer is going to be epic. The planning session we had went really well, and some really hilarious ideas were thrown around…

YouTube is a platform that allows people to set their ideas free. You’ll find dreamers, free spirits and big thinkers on YouTube. Every experience I’ve had meeting other YouTubers has been awesome, and I can’t wait to hang out with the others! 

The weirdest thing I’ve found on a scuba dive is an Electric Flame Scallop, which looks like it belongs on Mars. It’s bright red, covered in little tentacles and spends all day flashing blue lightning bolts over its lips. So cool it sounds fake, doesn’t it?

The most exciting treasure I could hope to find on this adventure when diving would be something simple like an old chest filled with ancient maps, overly complicated cartography equipment, and maybe a fist-sized gemstone or two.


Maddie Moat (the natural one)

The blonde bombshell lighting up your screen is a British TV presenter, writer and YouTube “Edutainer”. There’s nothing she can’t do. Prepare to be amazed…

 I love ALL food! But my go-to snacks are coconut, crisps and dips. As for drinks, green juices in the day and Malibu for evening bevvies (obviously). I love sushi and BBQs during the summer, too.

Sunsets are one of the coolest things nature has to offer. There’s something really beautiful and peaceful about watching the sun go down after an action-packed day. I hope we get to enjoy plenty of them on our summer adventure. I also adore the ocean, and we’ll be experiencing it to the max with all the surfing and trips to the beach! It would be incredible if we got the chance to go diving and explore the depths, but we’ll see – our schedule’s already looking pretty busy!

I’m planning to stay in shape during our adventure. We’re hoping to be doing loads of activities anyway – like surfing, paddle boarding and general exploring – so that should keep us on our toes! I’ve packed trainers and some work out gear just in case, though; it’d be amazing to go for some runs on the beach or do yoga by a lake. 

Travel gadgets are a must. My favorites are a worldwide travel adapter with USB inputs (so you can charge multiple things at once) and the Touchnote app, which lets you take a snap on your phone and then send it in physical-postcard-form to friends and family back home! 

There are so many ways to save battery while travelling. Obviously you need to turn off data roaming, WiFi and (as long as you don’t need it) GPS, and switch your phone to flight mode whenever you’re not using it. Oh and, delete all those pointless apps and notifications as well. Let’s be honest: you won’t need to know about those pizza deals at home while you’re having fun on a beach!

New friends, new experiences and some amazing memories are what I’m hoping to get out of this road trip. Ohh, and the meanest BBQ techniques my friends at home have never seen before!


Ceara McEvoy (the arty type)

The South African gal LOVES to explore. Lively, adorable and with a free-spirited style; once you start watching, you’ll officially want to be her new best friend…

I can’t wait to learn new things and share our adventures with everyone. I’m really going to make the most of this exciting journey and fully immerse myself in every experience we find ourselves in, and meet interesting people that can teach us about their world and way of life.

I’d love to find hidden city gems. Whether that may be an unknown family bistro that’s been around for 15 years, a trendy little vintage shop on a side street, or the bars the locals hang out at.  

You should ALWAYS travel light. You don’t want to lug too much weight around because you buy so many new clothes while travelling. For me, it’s so fun buying a new item of clothing or accessory everywhere I go as it holds a special memory of a time in my life. Having said that, I’ve completely over-packed. But it’s better to be over-prepared than underprepared, right?

For make-up, I just use the essentials. Foundation, mascara, spot stick (there’s always one little spot that creeps up), eye shadow that doubles up for under the eye, and bronzer! In terms of hair, I love creating new looks daily. I always carry hair bands so I can tie it in fun styles. It’s much easier having short hair when travelling as it takes less time.

I’ll be looking out for all kinds of street art. I cannot wait to see what fun little bits I’ll find in all corners of the places we’ll be exploring. It’ll be interesting to see how styles and trends of street art differ in different cities and areas.

My three beach musts are: A Bat & Ball, camera and sunnies. 

I’ll be making loads of friends along the way! Perhaps some will just be brief encounters, and others will be lifelong connections. I love learning about places and cultures from locals instead of reading about it. You can find out about the real hidden secrets of a place that way.  


Tom Clarkson (the witty chap)

The witty, quick-thinking director from England, Tom – aka Captain Tom Face – will have your sides splitting thanks to his humor and hilarious impressions…

My best summer memory was in New York. I wandered around the city into museums, parks and bars, taking photos and videos of people. Everyone was so friendly and open. I met inspiring, terrifying and strange characters, all with incredible stories.

Wear sunscreen. I fell asleep on a boat in Thailand once and woke up with burnt everything – and a blister the size of a tennis ball! I have packed factor 50 and I will be bathing in it every 3 minutes.

If I could be any animal, I’d be a dogEveryone is a friend, every journey is an adventure, biscuits are exciting, loud noises are terrifying and cat poo is surprisingly tasty.

I travelled around Europe in a 1980s camper van with my dog and my girlfriend. I’d love to take all three around the world, but it may be a little ambitious. She’s old, rusty and slow… the dog and the van are getting on a bit, too. [Dad-joke alert]

Travelling is about meeting people, learning new things and new experiences. I’m so excited to learn how they create incredible BBQ in Nashville and to surf for the first time in Santa Cruz. But most of all, I’m just looking forward to wandering around with Ceara, Mike and Maddie and make some new friends.


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