Nine Reasons to Raise a Glass to Canada

Canada Day 2015 is comin’ in hot. With 147 birthdays under our belts, we know a thing or two about partying like patriots. And we know what it means to be Canadian. We sing our anthem loud and proud, eat cheese curds at 3am and aren’t sorry for always saying sorry (#sorrynotsorry!). In honour of Canada Day, here are 9 kick-@$$ reasons to raise a glass and celebrate our great country. Better bring your “eh-game.”

1.  Leave it to Beaver

What’s not to love about our national animal? Cute and industrious, it shares a lot of the same characteristics with our fellow Canadians. Coincidence? Hardly. And beaver tails (the deep-fried sugary kind) are the best.

2.  Bacon! Poutine! Maple Syrup!

Need we say more? It’s called “Canadian bacon” and “Canadian maple syrup” everywhere else for good reason. ‘Cuz we nailed it. Oh! And ketchup chips, obvi!

3.  Lords of the rink

When we take the ice, you’d be hard up to find an unpainted face, an available foam finger and a voice that isn’t just a little bit raspy from cheering the loudest. Reigning champions the world over, hockey supremacy lives here. ‘Nuff said.

4.  International idols

Canadians spread the love worldwide and have a good rap for being super fun and friendly. It’s no wonder that other travelers deliberately sew our flag on their backpacks. #fakersgonnafake

5.  All-weather warriors

It’s true of the True North—we’re always chirping about the weather. But we take it in stride and come out on top. Throw a summer storm our way. We say make it rain.


6.  Trending in space

Chris Hadfield, world’s coolest astronaut. Enough said.

7.  The great outdoors

Our country is a great one. All 9.98 million square kilometres of it. As the second largest nation in the world, it’s one of the few countries where you can swim, hike, ski, dog sled or surf on any given day. See? Size matters.


8.  Friendly people

Even if you’re a perfect stranger, we’ll make you feel right at home. Bump into us and we feel bad for being in the way. Riff on us for our accents. it’s all good.

9.  Star Quality

Although we hail under the maple leaf, we are still star spangled. Reason enough to raise a glass? Two words. Ryan Gosling. You can thank us later.


In honour of our nation’s big day, we can celebrate with a patriotic cocktail that will have you cheersing canucks faster than you can say “Sidney Crosby riding through Chilliwack on the back of a moose.” This one is for Canada!

The Malibu (Canadian) Cranberry

The Malibu (Canadian) Cranberry

Drink Ingredients:

1 part (50 ml) MALIBU RUM

2 parts (100 ml) cranberry juice

How  to Mix the Drink:

Build over ice in a highball glass.

Garnish with an optional lime, lemon or orange wedge, mini Canadian flags, or other patriotic flourishes.