Sunshine, camera, action!

Sure, memories are priceless. But you can't share THOSE on social media now can you? Well, not without recording them anyway… 

We’re all used to snapping away with our phones and cameras, adding a few fancy filters and uploading to one / all of the many social media channels for our doting friends and followers to see.

But now it’s time to stand out from the digital crowd with some cool techniques, gadgets and gizmos to capture those action-packed, sun-filled trips like never before. Action camera expert, Mitch Bergsma taught our Best Summer Ever cast loads of tips and tricks in Episode 2. Read on to find out a few of the best…

Who needs a film crew nowadays when you can do it yourself, eh?


If your friends like to ride-wit-u, add a nifty little action camera to your bicycle using a compact mount for some seriously beSPOKE (ahem) footage. 

Paddle boarding

Opt for a floating head strap mount, floating pole or three suction cup mount (three being the magic number for sticking an action camera firmly onto your board).

Silly sports 

Whether it’s a bat ‘n’ ball, hula hoop, or frisbee – add an action camera to the mix and you and your pals will be laughing at the videos later. 


The next time you decide to sprint around, grab a selfie stick and get ready to capture some hilarious expressions.


Up, up and away! Now you can see the world – and those amazing sunsets – from new, unscaled heights. Puts things in a different perspective, right?