Is your BBQ game on FIRE?

Do you want people all up in your grill? Once you’ve read these tips and tricks, they will be. From sizzling skewers to rosemary coals, our handy hacks will leave your guests stuffed and satisfied – and help cement your reputation as the King or Queen of BBQs. Pick up your Malibu and cheers to the sunshine!

Rosemary Coals

Add rosemary to BBQ coals to give meat and veg a flavour-boost. It’ll give off a great aroma and repel mozzies, too – genius.

Here's how.

Spray Your Meat With Apple Juice

So long, tough and tasteless meat. OH HI, tender delights! (This works particuarly well with pork.)

Here's how.

Grill fish On Lemons

A clever way to cut out the foil middleman and avoid stick-age.

Here's how.

Grill Dessert

Don’t let the dying flames deter you – a cooling barbecue is ideal for warming bananas, cakes and doughnuts. Sweet!

Here's how.

Clean The Grill With An Onion

Because we’d rather have onion essence burgers than detergent-infused meat…

Here's how.

Skewer Up

When it comes to barbecuing meat or fish, opt for the two-pronged approach.

Here's how.

Pre-Made Cocktails In Mason Jars

Add a dash of Malibu and alternate colourful juices for a rad rainbow range!

Here's how.

Swizzle Hotdogs

Some might say we’ve been cooking hotdogs wrong our whole life. Until now.

Here's how.

Make A Dry Rub For Your Meat

A simple BBQ rub or marinade doesn’t need to be time-consuming, messy or difficult.

Here's how.