10 Fitness Gurus To Get Your Beach Body In Shape

As sure as summer is to roll around, so are these two dreaded words: beach body.

While we have enjoyed months of layers and comfort food, it’s time to shed said layers, and those extra pounds. Before you admit defeat and grab yet another chocolate, follow these Instagram accounts for daily reminders and beach body fitspiration.

Summer starts here.

Jen Selter


Who: Jen Selter is a fitness model whose derriere catapulted her to the lofty heights of Instagram fame.

Philosophy: All about the butt.

Why Follow Them: Not only is Jen the ultimate squatspiration, she often shares videos with workouts and how she trains to work that behind. 

Zach Deal


Who: A Miami-based actor, Zach Deal is living proof of his online personal training abilities.

Philosophy: Lifting and cheat meals.

Why Follow Them: At 6”5, Zach is bulking inspiration for all men to head to the weights section. Aside from gym pictures, expect appearances from his pooches and a great #ManBunMonday.

Super Sister Fitness


Who: Liz and Sara are trainer sisters on a mission to get girls bikini-ready.

Philosophy: Working out is always better with a friend.

Why Follow Them: Their colorful feed is packed with workouts to do with a buddy – or on your own. Great for ideas to mix it up at the gym (or the beach).

Kolohe Andino


Who: A big name in the surfing world, Kolohe Andino holds the record for most male NSSA championships wins.

Philosophy: Pure surf.

Why Follow Them: A summer body doesn’t have to be made in the gym. Kolohe kills it with shots of him shredding waves. 

Nicole Woyak


Who: Nicole Woyak is both a yoga instructor and Californian beach babe.

Philosophy: Yoga and inspirational life quotes.

Why Follow Them: Not only will her amazing poses make you determined to practise yoga; her ocean backdrop is always stunning and her caption quotes will leave you longing for a beach life. 

Jacob Manning


Who: Jacob Manning is a yoga teacher, traveller and surfer rolled into one.

Philosophy: Yoga, yoga, yoga.

Why Follow Them: Follow for yoga inspiration. Not only is his body built for the beach, Jacob’s amazing feed invites you on his journey into his practise and teaching of yoga. 



Who: An Australian gym junkie, Cenna rocks it as a fitness guru. 

Philosophy: Killer workout sessions and healthy eating.

Why Follow Them: Workout tips, lifestyle shots and selfies of her rocking bod are what to expect from this hardcore chica. 

Toned Tanned and Fitness


Who: Toned Tanned and Fitness is a collection of Instagram’s best fitness inspiration.

Philosophy: Fitness motivation and a delicious, healthy diet.

Why Follow Them: This feed will inspire you with plant-based food ideas and a gallery full of toned gym bunnies. 

Thom Evans


Who: Former Scottish International rugby player, Thom Evans now rocks it as a model.

Philosophy: It’s all about the abs.

Why Follow Them: Peak into how Thom trains for his model body, his Strictly Come Dancing rehearsals and his hilarious post-workout dance routines. He’s got beach body inspiration written all over him. 

Izabel Goulart


Who: Iza Goulart is one of the fiercest Victoria’s Secret Angels around.

Philosophy: Don’t wish for it, work for it. 

Why Follow Them: Not only do you get to peak into her high fashion, luxury life - Iza keeps it real with insane workouts to show the world how she’s earned her model body. 

Header image source: @brendanfallis