10 Ways To Up Your Instagram Game

Research shows that getting likes on social media makes you happier. Who are we to argue with the cold hard facts? 

To help you in your quest to A. become even happier and B. Share your summery pics with the world, here are some tips to becoming Instafamous. Yes, this is now a thing.

1. Find Your Style

A consistent visual style makes your feed look more alluring. The Valencia filter is popular among models like Rosie-Huntington Whitley since it’s perfect for a soft, vintage effect, whereas Walden’s washed-out colour is used among the likes of Alexa Chung. Research shows that blues and earthy hues get more likes than oranges and reds and filters. Willow and Mayfair have been proven to get the most likes.

Who does it right: @billieroseblog has a faded, vintage feel to her feed.


2. Be Creative

Although Instagram has bundles of options, there’s a whole world of other apps that will take your Instagram feed to the next level. VSCO Cam is best for professional-looking colour edits while Snapseed is great for the more ambitious of photographers as it even lets you edit certain areas of a picture. If it’s breaking your heart to crop your friend out of that group shot to fit it as a square, Instafit puts in a white border to upload it without altering. Win-win. 

Who does it right: @kassiaphoy’s snaps are edited to absolute perfection with VSCO Cam.


3. Lights, Camera, Action

Videos generally don’t get as many likes as photos, so only post them if they’re insanely cool, i.e. no videos from the back of that gig that was more ‘you had to be there’ than Instagram-worthy. Remember, it has to be between 3 and 15 seconds, so edit it well to create an amazing video montage. Use the iMovie phone app instead as it’s easier to edit on. 

Who does it right: @ZachKing edits his incredible videos on Final Cut (obviously).


4. A Balancing Act

Try to keep your account active, or not only will gaining followers be impossible – your unfollow rate will catch up with you, too. But post more than twice a day and your friends may also reach for that unfollow button. Yes, you’re walking a fine line with these fickle Instagrammers.

Who does it right: @fosterhunting keeps us up-to-date with his adventures without over-sharing.


5. Get Outside

It’s summer, which is an incentive in itself to be constantly outdoors. So, take advantage of all the beautiful scenery, sunrises and sunsets at your fingertips – the sunlight makes for amazing pictures and selfies that’ll make your skin glow. It just takes a quick glance at the pictures from Coachella to know what we’re on about.

Who does it right: @tuulavintage captures amazing shots of herself roaming the land – you guessed it – outside. 


6. But first, let me take a #selfie 

Research shows that selfies are 38% more likely to get a like. Not feeling picture perfect? Fret not as the FACIE app is the secret that every die-hard selfie fan keeps up their sleeve. Remember basic tricks like taking pictures from a slightly higher angle to make your face look more slender (sans double chin) and facing the sunlight through a window for a flawless complexion.

Who does it right: @devinbrugman, a model and ‘bikini connoisseur’ who travels from beach to beach, and takes cheeky selfies along the way.


7. What’s in a hashtag?

Stay relevant with the odd #ManCrushMonday, #SelfieSunday and #ThrowbackThursday. Feel free to make them up, too – #TacoTuesday and #ItsFiveOclockSomewhere never hurt anybody (and also make a great excuse for consuming tacos and Pina Coladas). Avoid the desperate calling of #TagsForLikes and #FollowBack on every photo. Limit yourself to 3 hashtags as tagging #every #single #word #lacks #imagination.

Who does it right@brendanfallis is an up-and-coming NYC DJ and producer that bosses hashtags and emojis like no other.


8. What's your 'thing'?

Let your Instagram stand for who you are by capturing your distinctive lifestyle. If you’re a fashionista, posting your outfit of the day (#OOTD), flatlays and other fashion-related shots will fill your followers with clothes envy. If you’re a jetsetter, keep everyone up-to-date with a range of cultured shots from your travels. Your followers will know what to expect, and it’ll even motivate like-minded people to follow you.

Who does it right: @icecreamking posts the best of Instagram’s ice-cream pictures. We’re drooling. 


9. Interact with your followers (and others!)

Let’s face it, it’s not nice feeling ignored. Commenting back not only lets your followers how much you love them, but they’ll probably be more willing to comment again. Even if you’re not an avid ‘liker’, leaving comments on other ‘grams will get your account noticed by others, allowing even more people to check out your feed. Hey, you may even make some new Instagram friends!

Who does it right: @wishwishwish – This style blogger is amazing at letting her audience know where she gets all her outfits from.



10. Location, Location, Location

Whether basking in the rays on a hidden beach, supping cocktails at a secret little bar or hitting some tourist sites, add a location tag so you can share (brag) with everyone exactly where you are. Secrets are there for sharing, after all.

Who does it right: @tashoakley is sure to tag every location so you’re never left wondering. 

Header image credit: @theshiftcreative