12 Hacks To Turn Your Pad Into The Best House Party Ever

The invites have been sent, the RSVPs are flooding in and the heat is on to throw the best summer house party ever.

The invites have been sent, the RSVPs are flooding in and the heat is on to throw the best summer house party ever.

Prepping your abode is a prerequisite for any banging Housey P. But, by prepping we don’t mean just plastic cups and balloons. Oh no. This is the best house party ever we’re talking about here.

So, in quest to pimp your pad, we’ve rounded up the best hacks to create that unique summer vibe that will have people talking for weeks to come. Think personal photobooths, fruity kegs and glittering ice.


Eat, drink and be sassy

Pineapple Cups

Because drinking out of a normal glass is just so boring in comparison. Paper umbrellas are a must.

Here's how.

Watermelon Keg

Not your typical keg. This one serves Malibu. On tap. From a watermelon.

Here's how.

Pre-scooped Ice Cream Mountains

Be gone, impenetrable tubs of rock-solid ice cream.

Here's how.

Glittery Ice Cubes

These guys are the glitterati of the ice cube world. And before you ask, yes – the sparkles are edible.

Here's how.



Paper Cube String Lights

Farewell fairy lights, we’re taking our lighting to the next level with made-at-home paper cube lights.

Here's how.

Malibu Bottle Light

Well, we had to mention this one. Pop some LED fairy lights in an old bottle, or, if you’re lazy, just buy one.

Here's how.

Mason Jar Chandelier

So pretty.

Here's how.


Set the scene

Glow-In-The-Dark Chairs

Paint old chairs, stools or a chopped up log (what do you MEAN you don’t have any?) with glow-in-the-dark paint to give your garden a psychedelic look.

Here's how.

Driftwood Signs

Suggested pithy captions for your sign include: “Beach that way”, or, more importantly, “Pina Colada this way”.

Here's how.

DIY Photobooth

What’s the point of throwing the ultimate summer house party if you don’t document it? So, set up your own VIP photobooth. A tropical background, absurd props and an iPhone are all you need for cracking Instagram posts. #wishyouwerehere

Here's how.

Water Balloon Slip 'N Slide

Because ‘grown-up’ you shouldn’t miss out on the silly fun.

Here's how.



DIY iPhone speakers

For when the battery dies on your portable speaker and you want to listen to some ‘choons in the garden. 

Here's how.

Header Image Source: Lights 4 Fun

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