14 ways to speak the universal language of slang

Do you know your pashing from your puckering up? Your bae from your boyfriend? Still following? Nope? 

Sounds like it may be time to brush up on your lingo, then. Stay up to speed with the world’s in-crowd and make sure your vernacular is still in vogue with our round up of the latest slang from around the globe…

Must be love

My Body Soul Surf Bali


Where it’s from: Australia

What it means: Kiss

Who might use it: A surfer girl in her early 20s

For example: ‘Dale and I ended up pashing loads at that party last night, but he hasn’t WhatsApped me at all today. I’m getting, like, such mixed vibes.’


Where it’s from: England

What it means: On the prowl

Who might use it: Many a reality TV star

For example: ‘The plan for tonight? Oh you know, mate, the usual – boozing, sharking and demolishing a kebab on the way home.’


Where it’s from: Australia (more specifically, from Ja’mie: Private School Girl)

What it means: A step above hot

Who might use it: The playground Queen Bee

For example: ‘I mean, Brad’s super hot, but Joe is QUICHE. I’d totally date Joe.’


Where it’s from: USA

What it means: Boyfriend/ Girlfriend, it stands for Before Anyone Else. Obviously. (Or in Danish, it means ‘poop’)

Who might use it: The selfie-obsessed

For example: ‘Snuggles with my bae – can’t imagine life without him  #theone #truelove #onemonthanniversary’


Where it’s from: France

What it means: ‘Beau gosse’ (French for hot guy)

Who might use it: A trendy Parisian

For example: ‘Claude is très BG in the new Kooples advert’



The Fashionista Coach


Where it’s from: South Africa

What it means: Good, great, amazing!

Who might use it: A kite surfer that is beyond chilled

Example: “That was one kif jol last night, bru’ (Jol = party) 


Where it’s from: North England

What it means: Brilliant

Who might use it: A Scouser (translation: a Liverpudlian. Further translation: someone from Liverpool, England)

Example: ‘Devoed I couldn’t go, lad – heard the DJ was mint!’ (Devoed: Devastated)


Where’s it from: USA

What it means: Someone who has everything figured out (not to be confused with bitch)

Who might use it: The office gossip

Example: ‘Rihanna is such a betch, just look at how she owns the room.’


Where it’s from: Mexico

What it means: Cool

Who might use it: A Mexican, probably

For example: ‘Este carro esta buen chido wey!’ 


Where it’s from: Wales

What it means: Great 

Who might use it: Anyone who lives near Barry Island

For example: 'You got me tickets to the Wales England match, butt? Tidy!' (butt: pal)


Style it out


On Fleek

Where it’s from: USA

What it means: On point.

Who might use it: An Orange County beautician

For example: ‘Ehmagahd, your brows are so on fleek right now’

Stylo Mylo 

Where’s it from: Singapore

What it means: Stylish

Who might use it: Ah Beng’s (basically, this means young men that are of the, um, gangster nature)

For example: ‘Ah Beng you go party wear clothes so Obaing. Must wear like me so stylo mylo lah!’ (Or, to those non Singlish speakers: Dude, how can you go to parties in such uncool clothes. You should wear stylish clothes like me!) 


Where it’s from: Sweden

What it means: Bed hair

Who might use it: A couple in the honeymoon phase

For example: ‘I look like such a hot mess this morning. I mean, would you just look at all these knullruffs!’


Where it’s from: New Zealand

What it means: Flip flops. (in Australia, they call them ‘thongs’)

Who might say it: Your Kiwi uncle

For example: ‘Stroll on the beach sounds ace bro, let me just grab my jandals’