7 Ways To Make Your Cocktails Legendary

Summer means parties. And everyone knows you can’t host a party without decent cocktails. It’s just a fact. So, here are some tips and tricks to take your bartender skills to the next level.  

 In Bloom

When paper umbrellas just won’t cut it, whip out these beauties for a tropical garnish with pizzazz. All you need is a pineapple, a muffin tray and a little bit of patience. Real easy.

** tip** Make these beauties the day before to give them chance to firm up. Nobody likes a wilted flower…

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When the temperature soars, sometimes only a popsicle will do. But don’t settle for the regular type; instead, whip up your favourite cocktail and freeze it. If you really want to show off, make teeny tiny popsicles to add to your cocktails. As they melt, they’ll replenish your glass with more alcohol. Now that’s what we call a garnish.

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Ice Ice Baby

The most simple, yet most effective, way to make any cocktail sparkle is with ice. Simply pick some flowers from the garden (or the neighbors’, shhh), grab an ice tray, et voila! You barely lifted a finger. Just a word of advice, though: make sure you use edible flowers like orchids or pansies. If there are no flowers blooming, raspberries or slices of lemon look just as impressive.

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Live Life on the Edge

Glasses rimmed with salt? Come on, that is so 1989. You can do better than that. Add a tropical edge to your summery cocktails; crack open the decimated coconut and line those glasses up. So pretty they’ll make you look like a pro, with minimal sweat. You’ll never drink a Pina Colada without a coconut rim again.

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Strawberry Fields 

Popping a strawberry in a cocktail looks pretty and all, but it doesn’t come armed with that ‘wow’ factor. Cue the strawberry rose. There are about a million online tutorials for this little trick, so there is no excuse for plopping strawberries in a cocktail ever again. Before you know it you’ll be carving owls out of pineapples…

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Berry Pretty

Not only do these frozen fruit sticks look awesome and keep your drink cool, they also won’t dilute your carefully crafted cocktail in the same way that ice does. Yep. Genius. Round of applause for the host, please.

Here's how.


Art Attack

Cocktail art? Yes, it’s a thing. Make your cocktail concoctions almost too pretty to even drink with a pre-made stencil (we vote for a pineapple) and some edible gold spray paint or chocolate powder. Make sure you opt for a Pina Colada or something thick and creamy so it doesn’t sink. There you go, yet another excuse for a Pina Colada (as if you needed it).

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