Introducing Our Malibu Beach House

It’s our biggest house yet…and it’s coming to a festival near YOU! Check out some of the amenities of the beach house.

The Drinks

Time for refreshments and at our Malibu Beach House, you’ll have plenty of refreshing options to choose from. You can try our *NEW* Malibu Lime in a delicious Frozen Lime Daiquiri and enjoy classics like Malibu and Pineapple and Malibu and Coke. FUN FACT: Every festival has an EXCLUSIVE Malibu Rum cocktail! 

The Games

We’ve expanded the house to include a GAMES section. The games will provide you with a *sneak peek* at our summer campaign and it’s an awesome way to play with friends and to win SWAG (see below for more info on that!)


That’s right. We have FRESH coconuts filled with coconut juice and your favorite Malibu Rum. These coconuts are a festival hit. You’re guaranteed to get all the likes with one in your hand. #InstaFamous

The Lounge

Charge your phone, relax with friends, take all the pics your phone can handle. The lounge area is the place to mingle and take a break from the festival.

Bonus: The Swag!

We love you and want to give you some amazing swag like temporary tattoos, sunglasses, hats, backpacks, cell phone case and much more! Get swag by playing the games and interacting with our Malibu Beach House hosts.

You in? Here’s the schedule of where we’ll be this summer!

Stagecoach Festival, April 27-29

Shaky Knees Music Festival, May 4-6

Hangout Music Festival, May 18-20

Neon Desert Music Festival, May 26-27

SEE YOU THIS SUMMER!!!! #BecauseSummer