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How The Malibu Games’ Digital-First Approach Keeps Malibu Relevant To Young Adults

Malibu announces the return of The Malibu Games for summer 2019, continuing their digital-first influencer approach

Malibu is ramping up its influencer programme for the global roll out of The Malibu Games 2019. Bringing together 32 influencers from 9 different countries, The Malibu Games is designed to inspire and engage young, fun starters across the world as part of the brand’s ambition to become a global icon of summer. Now in its second year, the campaign taps into changes in audience behavior and habits; young adults now look to connect with brands through experience and drink on more spontaneous occasions, particularly in summer.

Starting in 2018, the content from the inaugural games kick-off event generated 5.4M engagements, 155M video views and 2.1M website visits. Malibu’s continued digital-first approach is an investment that works for the flavored spirit brand, as it keeps the brand front of mind with young adults and makes sure they can connect to the brand in seamless and relevant ways. Through a strategic influencer platform employed through The Malibu Games, Malibu aims to drive fame and reach, ultimately becoming one of the most talked about spirits brands during summer.

Monica Höhle, Global Marketing Manager for Malibu explains: “Our digital-first approach combined with influencer collaborations is what keeps Malibu front of mind with young adults. Instead of leading with our liquid’s credentials, we target our audience by taking them on a journey, looking for ways to insert Malibu into the experiences they crave and collect. The Malibu Games gives us a way to own a drinking occasion that is both locally and globally relevant.”

Simone Quistgaard, Director of Business Development, VIRTUE, the creative agency by VICE adds; “The Malibu Games 2018 campaign was a massive success, landing Malibu the category’s highest share of voice all summer. This year we’re continuing the collaboration by turning up the volume and transforming the content into episodes with focus on real emotional value. With disruption at the very core we’re excited for the opportunities of a bigger, better and wetter summer than last year. We’re excited for Malibu Games 2019.”

Consumers are given access to The Malibu Games kick-off event via their favorite influencers posting throughout the event on social media and by following the hashtags #MalibuGames and #BecauseSummer. With content drops throughout the entire summer period, audiences can keep up with the fun by following The Malibu Games’ episodes on www.maliburumdrinks. com and watching outtakes on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. By ensuring a more integrated approach between all internal teams and external agencies, Malibu can deliver content fast and with agility, ensuring it is fresh and relevant.

Kicking off in in May over a 3-day period in the Dominican Republic, The 2019 Malibu Games season-long campaign is set to shift brand perception even further, focusing on the daytime drinking occasion and the change in consumer behavior towards richer experiences and a more moderate alcohol consumption. Speaking on its aim, the brand’s Global Marketing Manager Monica Höhle, says: “We’re on a mission to become a global icon of summer by creating experiences relevant to our consumers, we’re excited to launch The 2019 Malibu Games which is set to inspire our fans and recruit new consumers.”

Teaser content for The Malibu Games will be released from April 2019 on @maliburum, and consumers can also follow all of the activity from The 2019 Malibu Games event through attendee social channels via 32 individuals from 9 countries, including internet personalities such as comedian and model Hannah Stocking, and Latin music sensation Natti Natasha, who between them have a combined Instagram and YouTube following of almost 40 million.