Press release

Malibu launches a ‘Winter Survival Kit’ to help get your summer spirit on!

Winter blues getting you down? Wishing it was summer already so you can spend it by beach? Now you can have that same feeling of summer underneath your feet in an instant, thanks to Malibu.

The newly launched Malibu Winter Survival Kit gives you a quick and easy way to get the spirit of summer back into your winter months. Inside the stunning packaging, you´ll find a pair of the world´s first flip-flop insoles? They are cleverly designed to fit perfectly inside your winter boots, along with a bottle of real beach sand.

Winter can be an absolutely beautiful time of year. But according to Malibu, who are all about those summer vibes, nothing beats that feeling of walking by the beach on a warm summer´s day and enjoying the sand between your toes. Based on that, we decided to re-imagine one of the most treasured summer accessories: the flip-flop.

So how do you get your summer spirit on? Simply slide your bare feet into the Malibu flip-flop insoles, sprinkle a little bit of the beach sand in your winter boots, put them on and you´ll instantly have that summer feeling, wherever you are.

  • With our Winter Survival Kit, we aim to demonstrate that summer is not necessarily a temperature or location, it’s also a state of mind. And with a little help from that familiar summery flip-flop sensation, we believe that the summer spirit can be captured, no matter what month the calendar shows, says Dario Massei, Global Marketing Manager for Malibu.

Malibu’s Winter Survival Kit comes in a very limited edition of 50 units that are now available exclusively online. The stylish flip-flop insoles are handmade from natural cork and leather and come in ‘one size fits all’. Along with the insoles, the kit is delivered with a 150ml bottle of 100% authentic beach sand to be sprinkled into your winter boots for that real beach vibe.

Ready to get your summer spirit on? Order your kit today before they´re all gone: for US $19.99 + shipping.