Press release

Malibu Unveils New Contemporary Designs Across Its Portfolio

Malibu is getting ready for summer by revealing a refreshing look across its portfolio with a global roll-out of a new design for its iconic bottle range and ready-to-drink (RTD) cans.

Through the evolution of its much-loved design and logo, Malibu is seeking to maintain strong brand equity and relevance with millennials, aiming to reinforce its quest to become a global icon of summer.

Created with the consumer in mind, the new Malibu bottle introduces an updated contemporary logo with a distinct personality. The Malibu logo has a new bigger and bolder look with lifted palm leaves, sunset colors and a revised horizon. The re-design also sees the introduction of recommended serve images on the back of pack, a first for Malibu, set to enhance taste appeal and inspiration for consumers.

Elsa Rafen, Senior Global Brand Manager and lead of the re-design project says; “The purpose of the new re-design is to strengthen Malibu’s position as the number one flavored spirit brand even further and to make sure that we stay relevant and top of mind amongst a future generation of consumers – including a more contemporary look and feel, better visibility in e-commerce and future proofing of our bottle design for growing use of image recognition technology in digital”.

As the most successful RTD range in the Pernod Ricard portfolio, Malibu ready-to-drink cans are sold in quantities of over 10 million annually. To boost the sales of this hero product even further, the new Malibu RTD cans boast an eye-catching design, with Malibu palm leaves featured to reflect the essence of the brand’s summer inspired personality. In addition to new artwork, the re-designed RTD cans will integrate modern printing techniques that combine glossy and matte finishes.

These fun and tasty drinks can be enjoyed on-the-go, or while engaging in spontaneous summer moments with friends. This element of the portfolio has a specific strategic input, aiming to expand the footprint of Malibu, growing its brand equity and in turn recruiting consumers who are new to the brand, all the while driving the frequency of use for occasional Malibu drinkers.

Behind the new design of the iconic Malibu bottle is Stockholm-based design agency Brand Union. Dag Forsberg, Lead Designer on the project, points to the close collaboration with Malibu as one of the key drivers in the project: “Together we considered every single aspect of the design, optimizing the Malibu brand core assets and approaching the overall design with a mindset relevant to the target group. Ultimately resulting in a fresh, contemporary, bold and confident design that allows a spontaneous and joyful personality to shine through”.

The Malibu portfolio re-designs position the brand as a leader within the flavored spirits category keeping the appeal to a young adult target audience, staying relevant and on-trend. Malibu is able to present its consumers with an attractive fresh and contemporary look aligned with the brand vision to become a global icon of summer.

The new versions of the re-designed Malibu bottles and RTD cans can be found in-store now. For more information, please contact: