The Malibu Winter Survival Kit

The Malibu Winter Survival Kit

Get your summer spirit on!

Got the winter blues? Can't wait for next summer when you're walking by the beach, feeling the sand between your toes? Now you can get the spirit of summer back into your winter days, instantly!

Say hello to The Malibu Winter survival kit!

The world's first flip-flop insole?

Your favorite summer accessory, the flip-flop, has just been re-imagined! Simply slide your feet into the limited-edition Malibu flip-flop insoles, sprinkle a little bit of the sand in your winter boots, put them on and you'll instantly have that summer feeling, wherever you are.

What's in the kit?

Flip flop insoles

One pair of flip-flop insoles designed to fit into your winter boots. These stylish insoles are hand-made from natural cork and leather in a one-size-fits-all.

100% authentic beach sand

A 150ml bottle of 100% authentic beach sand for that real beach vibe.

How to use

Throw off your winter socks and slip your feet into the Malibu Flip-Flop insoles.

Pop the bottle open and sprinkle the 100% authentic beach sand into your winter boots.

Put on your winter boots, while still wearing your Malibu Flip-Flop insoles, and get your summer spirit on wherever you go!

The perfect winter gift!

Malibu's Winter Survival Kit comes in a very limited edition of 50 units and is available exclusively online. Order your kit today before they're all gone!

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